Thank you very much for greetings and concern from our partners, suppliers and our customers to our company and our staff during the 2019 n-CoV outbreak.

Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., LtdTo February 18th, there are 47 confirmed cases in Jinan City, mainly family basis, and all our employees are in normal health conditions. Jinan has had no new cases for six consecutive days. The factory of Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd. has been fully restarted, and the production and operation work has been carried out smoothly.

Our company has timely issued a strict emergency plan. The environment in the factory area is regularly disinfected and cleaned. People need to take a temperature measurement before entering and leaving the factory area. It’s also requested to wear a mask during daily work and summarize the health status of employees every day. The employees who don’t have to be in the factory, can work from home so as to avoid too many people gathering.

Before the Spring Festival holiday of china, our company has reserved enough inventory to meet the urgent needs of some customers. You can communicate with our sales staff about specific matters. At present, the product transport has returned to normal.

About our production process, equipment and facilities are cleaned strictly in accordance with the SOPs. Most of the equipment are completely sealed, and the production is carried out in the clean area where it is a positive pressure environment to ensure the cleanliness of the air. Production personnel check the body temperature and proceed strict disinfection and changing procedures before entering the production area. Therefore, there is no effect to the quality of our products.

Except the strict self-control, our company also donate medical supplies (over $800,000 up to now) to organizations in Jinan and Wuhan, and will carry out our social responsibility to provide as much support as we can in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic!

We believe our government, functional institutions at all levels and the Chinese people have the ability to control and solve this outbreak. As the raw material business unit, our company will keep providing innovative solutions and technical support to our valued partners.

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