Hyacolor™ Oil-dispersed Sodium Hyaluronate

Product Name: Oil-dispersed Sodium Hyaluronate
Trade Name: Hyacolor™
INCI Name: Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Ricinus Communis

(Castor) Seed Oil

CAS No.: 9067-32-7, 8001-78-3, 8001-79-4


Hyacolor™ is specifically designed for color cosmetic industry. It permits to apply the water soluble-HA in color cosmetic products which are mainly based on oily ingredients, and provide excellent moisturizing, lip-plumping, and repairing efficacies. It is obtained from small molecule of sodium hyaluronate (HA) and botanical oils through unique HA microsphere technology. The small molecule of HA is evenly dispersed in the oil phase. When applied onto the skin, Hyacolor™ can easily release the inside HA molecule, the small molecule of HA can penetrate into the skin quickly and nourish the skin from inside. Hyacolor™ can significantly increase the skin hydration and keep the skin moisturized constantly, because the outer layer of Hyacolor™ is lipophilic ingredients which can form an oil film on the skin to prevent water evaporation, and the inside small molecule of HA can penetrate into the skin and hydrate the skin instantly. This product can increase the lips volume of subjects by binding more water inside the lip skin, and provide good lip-plumping effect for lip products. Moreover, Hyacolor™ has significant repairing effect for the lip skin. It can improve the conditions of the dry or chapped lips, and make the lips more smoothness and softness after long-term application. Hyacolor™ can be used in makeup and lip products, such as foundation, BB cream, lipstick, lip gross, etc. The recommended usage is 0.1%-2%.