Product Name  Mangiferin
CAS No.  4773-96-0
Molecular Formula  C19H18O11
Molecular Weight  422.34
Purity  98% HPLC
Package  25 kg/drum


Mangiferin is a C-glycosyl compound consisting of 1,3,6,7-tetrahydroxyxanthen-9-one having a beta-D-glucosyl residue at the 6-position. It has a role as a hypoglycemic agent, an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory agent and a plant metabolite. It is a C-glycosyl compound and a member of xanthones. It derives from a xanthone.


Benefits of Mangiferin:

  • Rich in plant compounds
  • May have anti-inflammatory properties
  • May protect against fat gain
  • May help combat diabetes
  • May have anticancer properties
  • May treat stomach ulcers
  • May support healthy skin
  • May benefit your hair