Product Name  Anonaine
CAS Number  1862-41-5
Molecular Formula  C17H15NO2
Molecular Weight  265.31
Purity  98%


Anonaine is a bioactive benzylisoquinoline alkaloid, present in members of the plant families Magnoliaceae and Annonaceae. It is named after the plant it was first extracted from, Annona reticulata, which is commonly known as Anona.


(-)-Annonaine is an aporphine alkaloid that exhibits anti-cancer, trypanocidal and antiplasmodial activites. It has a role as an antineoplastic agent, a trypanocidal drug and an antiplasmodial drug. It is an oxacycle, an organic heteropentacyclic compound and an aporphine alkaloid. It derives from a hydride of an aporphine.