Silicone Elastomer Gel

Product Name: Silicone Elastomer Gel
CAS No.: /
INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethicone Copolymer
Appearance: Colorless transparent to translucent paste
Origin: China:


Silicone Elastomer Gel is a kind of cross-linked silicone elastomer polymer scattering around the cyclosiloxane in nano-scale size. It has unchangeable shape and volume while only exists in stable form of scattered patterns since it con not be dissolved in oil phase. It can be used as ideal base materials in high grade skin care products to improve skin texture, cover freckles, adjust Oil/Hydro-balancing, control skin secretion, possess long-lasting matting performance, and overcome the problem of oily skin. In addition, it also can be utilized as thickener for oil phase. According to different powder texture, customers have different choices of silicone elastomer gel in which Silicone Elastomer Gel possesses fine and powdery texture.



Recommended:      Skin care products: Concealers; Eye cream; Sunscreen products.

Color cosmetics: Mousse foundation; Liquid foundation; Foundation cream.

Appropriate:            Hair care products; Special products (such as antiperspirant).


Features & Benefits

  1. Clear to slightly translucent crosslinked silicone elastomer gel
  2. Suitable for many personal care formulations Acts as a thickening agent for w/o and w/silicone oil formulations, cyclomethicones and other silicone fluids
  3. Provides dry smoothness and a light silky skin feel , non-greasy
  4. Enhances the aesthetics of cyclomethicones Reduces tackiness of formulations
  5. Quick absorption Cold processing
  6. Slight sebum absorption


Item Non-volatile content / % Viscosity / mm2/s (25oC) Refractive index nd25 Specific gravity / g/ml (25oC) Inquiry
FS-RB-1041 ≥15 250K-580K 1.390-1.400 0.933-0.968
FS-RB-1043 ≥7 100K-300K 1.390-1.400 0.900-0.980
FS-RB-1050 ≥11 200K-500K 1.390-1.400 0.933-0.968
FS-RB-1051 ≥70 200K-500K 1.395-1.410 0.933-0.968