Cosmetic Grade Hyaluronic Acid

Product Name: Cosmetic Grade HA
Synonyms: Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium hyaluronate Hyaluronan
CAS: 9067-32-7
MF: (C14H22NNaO11)n
Appearance:  White powder


Hyaluronic Acid is a high molecular weight polysaccharide with D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-glucosamine as repeating structure unit. Because of the action of hydrogen bond between the monosaccharide in HA linear axle, HA molecular forms a rigid screw column structure in space. Strong hydrophilic properties exist due to the large amount of hydroxyl groups.

Furthermore, HA has a special water binding function and binds its water very strongly, so that it has strong water retention. Theoretically its binding water capacity is up to 500 ml/g as an ideal natural moisturizing factor.

HA is also one important component of the skin. It can prevent skin from aging and improve the appearance and tactile sensation of skin. A part of low molecular weight HA can penetrate into dermal layer to control the mid-metabolism, and make the skin moist, smooth and elastic. Therefore the cosmetic functions of HA are its resistance against skin wrinkles and its general health protection. HA is not only a good skin moisturizer, but also promotes cell’s metabolism of skin. So HA stands for bio-mimetic cosmetics.

Item Molecular Weight(Da) Certifications
FS-HA-CH >1,800K ECOCERT Inquiry
FS-HA-CM 1,000K-1,800K ECOCERT Inquiry
FS-HA-CL 10K-1,000K ECOCERT Inquiry
FS-HA-CN 200K-400K ECOCERT Inquiry
FS-HA-Coligo <10K ECOCERT Inquiry
FS-HA-Cmini <10K ECOCERT Inquiry



Types Molecular weight Functions
HA ≥1,000K Da Lubricating and film-forming, moisturizing, preventing skin damage, thickening and keeping emulsion stable
Low molecular weight HA 10K Da~ 1,000K Da Nourishing the skin, long-lasting moisturizing
Oligo HA <10K Da Trans-dermal absorption, deep hydrating, anti-ageing, repairing skin damage


Hyaluronic Acid as a function of raw material is widely used in cosmetics in following aspects:

1. Moisturizing and film-forming properties
2. Anti-Wrinkles
3. Anti-Irritation
4. Nutrition delivery
5. Free radical scavenging

Application Products Dosage Usage
Skin care cream, emulsion, essence, lotion, gel, facial mask, etc. 0.1% ~ 0.5%for HA powder
10% ~ 50% for HA solution
1-5% for Hyacross
0.5-1% for cationHA
Dissolving in water. Heating can accelerate the dissolution of HA
Makeup lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, etc.
Cleansing facial cleaner, body wash, etc.
Hair care shampoo, hair conditioner, styling gel, hair restorer, etc.


Features of Hyaluronic Acid from FreShine Chemicals:

1. Reliable and safe: Our Cosmetics Grade Hyaluronic Acid is Ecocert certificated and our production is strictly managed according to ISO 9001 and GMP standards. It is all fermented products, non-animal sources, non-GMO and non-BSE/TSE risk.
2. High-purity and lower impurities: higher glucuronic acid content, lower protein, heavy metals and nucleic acid content, compared with other cosmetics grade hyaluronic acid in the market.
3. Different molecular weight ranges to meet different customers’ needs.