Biovivid™ Collagen Peptide

Product application: Biovivid™ collagen peptide is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and health care products
Product functions: Reducing wrinkles and increasing elasticity and hydration for skin beauty promotes hair and nail growth and health. It improves joint function, reduces joint pain, and improves body composition, strength, and muscle recovery.
Certification and standards: ISO9001FSSC22000HACCPBRCKosherHalal
Physical form: Biovivid™-CF Fish collagen peptide:white powder, granules
Biovivid™-CB Bovine collagen peptide:off white powder, granules
Biovivid™-CP Type Ⅱ collagen peptide: Light yellow powder
Product specifications: Biovivid™-CF Fish collagen peptideBiovivid™-CF Bovine collagen peptideBiovivid™-CP Type  collagen peptide


Collagen is the human body’s most abundant protein, making up around 30% of total protein content. In clinical studies, collagen peptide has been demonstrated to reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity and hydration for skin beauty. It promotes hair and nail growth and health. It improves joint function and reduces joint pain. Certain improvements in body composition, strength and muscle recovery were present.

Biovivid™ Collagen peptide extracted from animal tissue (fish scales, bovine bone and chicken breast cartilage) by directional biological enzyme digestion technology and advanced membrane separation technology. This product is characterized by being neutral in taste and odor, excellent solubility and clarity, low viscosity, heat-stability, no precipitation or flocculation in liquid applications and different particle size selection