Bioyouth™–EGT Pro Super Active Ergothioneine

Product Name: Super Active Ergothioneine
Trade Name: BioyouthTM –EGT Pro
INCI Name: Ergothioneine, Tricholoma Matsutake Mycelium Ferment Extract, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose
CAS No: 497-30-3, 9067-32-7, 99-20-7


Bioyouth™-EGT Pro is obtained by multi fermentation of Hericium Erinaceum & Tricholoma Matsutake, spray dried together with microHA (Mw<5000Da) and trehalose.Multi-fermentation can increase the yield of L-ergothioneine (EGT), polysaccharide and amino acids. microHA can improve the activity of EGT. Trehalose can protect EGT and HA and act as a moisturizer in the formulation.