Bloomecto™ Ectoine-MD

Product Name: Ectoine
Trade Name: BloomectoTMEctoine-MD
INCI Name: Ectoine,Ectoin
Appearance: White or off-white crystals or powder
Usage: Can be added directly to aqueous phase
Recommended dosage: 0.1%-2%


Ectoine-MD (trade name:BloomectoTM) is a highly pure Ectoine developed by Bloomage professional fermentation platform technology, with high stability and safety profile.

Applications: As a compatible solute within extremophiles survived under extreme conditions, ectoine can protect cells from external agents such as allergic stimuli and stablize macromolecules such as functional enzymes. Therefore, Ectoine has broad applications in eye care, nasal and oral health, and private care.