Product Name: Gseaif
Description: Gentian Anti-irritation Factor
INCI Name: Propylene glycol, Water, Gentiana scabra Extract
Active ingredient: Gentiopicroside


<Compendium of Materia Medica> recorded: Gentian is a Chinese traditional herbal medicine which is mainly used to treat eczema and pruritus. And also, it has analgesic and sedative effects.


Herbs sustainable: We choose wild gentiana flowers from Mountain Milla of 4800 meters in Tibet. We will collect the aboveground part of the wild gentiana flowers in advance to eliminate the gentian root damage. We try our best to ensure sustainability of the gentian flowers.

Efficacy significantly:

5 years of basic research, 2 invention patents, two new practical patent.

Product efficacy:

Clinical application and the third party test of anti-stimulus and anti-inflammatory showed that after a year of market applications of mainstream raw material for anti-allergic and anti-stimulus, adding 0.5% has a very good effect to reduce the stimulation. Customer feedback revealed only one or two reactions have allergy symptoms in 3 million mask users.

Product Specification Routine Parameter Properties Brown to dark brown liquid
Refractive index nd20 1.3940-1.4140
pH, 25oC, direct method 4.5-6.5
Solubility Water
Total bacterial count <100
Gentiopicroside content ≥1,200ug/ml, HPLC
Recommended dosage 1%

According to the formula: 0.5-5%

Use range Water soluble, adapt to any cosmetic formula
Package and storage

5kg / 25 kg, no preservative, the shelf life is 24 months