Hyacross™ Hyaluronic Acid Microbeads TG300

Product application: For clean and scrub products
Product functions: Exfoliating
Physical form: Powder


Hyacross™TG300 is a kind of swelled but water insoluble sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer, obtained from natural sodium hyaluronate by applying the patented cross-linking technology. TG300 can reach the equilibrium swelled state in enough water after 5 minutes. The swelling degree is 12.5mL/g. After completely swelling, crystal clear, round and elastic HA microbeads are formed. According to OECD301F Ready Biodegradability Study: Manometric Respirometry Test, TG300 is biodegradable and is able to replace the traditional plastic microbeads. TG300 plays the role of exfoliating, smoothing the skin and promoting skin blood circulation, which is especially suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.

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