miniHA™ HA-Oligo degraded by hyaluronidase

Product application: Skin care, body care, wash care
Product functions: Moisturizing, repairing, tightening, antioxidant
Certification and standards: ECOCERT, HALAL, KOSHER, COSMOS APPROVED
Physical form: Powder
Product specifications: 200 g/bottle, 500 g/bottle, 1 kg/bottle and 1 kg/bag


miniHA™ is the world’s first HA-Oligo product produced using patent enzyme degradation technology. Its molecular weight is less than 10k Da, and it has high safety and biological activity. miniHA™ can be absorbed through the skin into the epidermis and dermis, and has significant effects in deep moisturizing, repairing damaged cells, removing free radicals, improving skin elasticity, fading wrinkles, anti-aging and so on. miniHA™ can be applied in anti-aging, repairing and moisturizing products, such as mask, essence, sunscreen cream, eye cream, air cushion cream, spray, freeze-dried powder, etc. miniHA™ has received ECOCERT&COSMOS certificates.

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