Product Name  Nobiletin
CAS No.  478-01-3
Molecular Formula  C21H22O8
Molecular Weight  402.39
Purity  40%-98% HPLC
Package  1kg; 5kg;10kg


Nobiletin is a flavonoid isolated from citrus peels. It is an O-methylated flavone that has the activity to rescue bulbectomy-induced memory impairment.


Nobiletin is a nonpolar polymethoxylated flavone isolated from the citrus peel shown to have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antiatherogenic properties.

Nobiletin can reduce the circulating concentrations of very low-density and low-density lipoproteins, and inhibit macrophage foam-cell formation at the side of lesion development within a vessel wall (thus preventing atherosclerosis). Both nobiletin and tangeretin, isolated from tangerine juice, have been shown to be effective inhibitors of human prostate cancer cells and melanoma cells. It appears that nobiletin induces cell apoptosis, causing cell cycle arrest at the G2/M phase. Additionally, nobiletin effectively interferes with gene expression of aggrecanase-1 and aggrecanase-2, providing evidence that the phytochemical prevents cartilage destruction in collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) mice.