Phosphorus pentoxide

Product Name: Phosphorus pentoxide (Electronic grade)
CAS No: 1314-56-3
Synonyms: Diphosphorus pentoxide; Phosphorus(V) oxide; Phosphoric anhydride
MF: P2O5
MW: 283.89
Grade: Electronic grade


Chemical & Physical Properties: White needle-like crystals. Density :2.39 g / cm3, sublimation at 360oC, melting at 563 oC under pressure. Corrosive to the skin. Easy to absorb moisture in the air. Soluble in water release a lot of heat and generate phosphoric acid.

Application: Chip N type doping Phosphorus source of semiconductor, solar cells, raw materials of  laser crystal growth , such as KDP, KTP, DKDP , can also be used for medicine, cosmetics production and preparation of high purity phosphoric acid.

Item Purity Standard Remark
FS-PP-5.5N ≥99.9995% Electronic grade Inquiry
FS-PP-6N ≥99.9999% Electronic grade Inquiry