Silicone Elastomer Suspension

Product Name: Silicone Elastomer Suspension
CAS No.: /
INCI Name:  Dimethicone / Vinyldimethicone Copolymer & Laureth
Appearance: Colorless transparent to translucent paste
Origin: China


Silicone Elastomer Suspension is a kind of non-ionic aqueous suspension that belongs to spherical silicone elastomer powder. This additive can add silicone elastomer into aqueous phase of formulation with ease, and it is suitable for water-in-oil systems to provide skin soft and silky haptic feeling while effectively cover fine wrinkles. Besides, it has effects of reducing viscosity for the whole system as well as oily gloss for skin, and long-lasting matting performances make skin overcome the problem of greasy. In addition, by adjusting the viscosity of formulation, products will have better thickening performance.


Recommended:      Skin care products (ointment, cream and lotion); Sunscreen products; Concealers; Foundation emulsion; BB/CC cream and emulsion

Appropriate:            Hair care products; Special products (such as antiperspirant).

Item Solid Content / % Viscosity / (25oC) Emulsifier Type Specific gravity / g/ml (25oC) Inquiry
FS-RB-3508 62-70 3,800-5,000 Non-ionic 0.90-0.95