HA is a polymer of disaccharides, themselves composed of D-glucuronic acid and D-N-acetylglucosamine, linked via alternating beta-1,4 and beta-1,3 glycosidic bonds.

The molecular weight of the polymer is measured by using viscometer and the molecular weight obtained by this technique is called viscosity average molecular weight. The molecular weight of the polymer solution is very high so the viscosity of polymer solution is very high compared to that of pure solvent.

Here is a brief conversion relationship between intrinsic viscosity and molecular weight via Laurent determination.

Molecular Weight (Da) Intrinsic Viscosity(m3/kg)
3K 0.02
10K 0.05
50K 0.2
100K 0.3
200K 0.5
300K 0.7
400K 0.9
500K 1
600K 1.15
700K 1.30
800K 1.45
900K 1.59
1,000K 1.73
1,100K 1.85
1,200K 1.98
1,300K 2.11
1,400K 2.24
1,500K 2.36
1,600K 2.48
1,700K 2.61
1,800K 2.72
1,900K 2.84
2,000K 2.96
2,100K 3.07
2,200K 3.19
2,300K 3.3
2,400K 3.41
2,500K 3.52
2,600K 3.63
2,700K 3.74
2,800K 3.85
2,900K 3.95
3,000K 4.06

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