Biobloom™ Microecobeauty ME-2

Product application: Skin care, body care, wash care, cosmetics
Product functions: Antioxidant, reduce stains
Certification and standards: COSMOS Approved
Physical form: Solution


Biobloom™ Microecobeauty ME-2 is jointly developed by Bloomage Biotech and the Probiotic Science and Technology Laboratory of National Engineering Research Center for Functional Food —A team consists of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Based on the probiotic strain library of the Probiotic Science and Technology Laboratory, the strongest antioxidant Lactobacillus paracasei is obtained through screening. Then, with Lactobacillus paracei as fermentation strain, ME-2 was obtained by means of Bloomage Biotech’s probiotic fermentation technology. ME-2 can significantly increase the secretion of Nrf2 and activate the antioxidant pathway, enhance cell antioxidant ability, and reduce oxidative damage. In-vivo test showed that ME-2 can reduce pigment deposition, tighten and brighten skin.

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