Bloomcolla™ Recombinant Human Collagen III

Product application: Medical devices for Wound repair & healing, skin regeneration, aesthetics, ulcer treatment, tissue engineering, etc.
Product functions: Repair, healing, preventing scar formation, and promoting collagen regeneration
Certification and standards: ISO9001
Physical form: Off-white solid sponge


Collagen III is widely distributed in the human body such as skin, and it plays an important role in the repair and healing of skin and mucosal wounds, inhibiting scar formation, improving skin problems, enhancing skin elasticity and tenderness, etc. Bloomcolla™ Recombinant Human Collagen III is obtained by yeast synthetic biology using recombinant technology. It is 100% homologous to the selected functional amino acid sequence of human collagen III with high physiological activity. The product has the characters of high safety (no animal immunogenicity, good biocompatibility, low endotoxin level), high purity with great batch-to-batch consistency and excellent processability (soluble in water).

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