cationHA™-Clear1 Substantive Sodium Hyaluronate

Product application: Washing and care
Product functions: Moisturize, reduce surface stimulation
Product specifications: 20kg/barrel, 60kg/barrel
Physical form: Solution


cationHA™-Clear 1 is a high-affinity hyaluronic acid obtained from hyaluronic acid (HA) with different molecular weights by adequate complexation reaction of an appropriate amount of cationic polymer. It is a new conditioning moisturizer developed especially for rinse-off products. The cationic polymer provide the higher substantivity to the skin and scalp, and the hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate helps to reduce the irritation of the skin caused by surfactants present in the formulas, and protect the barrier function of the skin&scalp. Now cationHA-Clear1 has widely used in hair care (shampoos, conditioner), cleansers, body care products, etc.

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