Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd

Recently, the “China’s best employer of the year” selection activity jointly sponsored by Zhilian recruitment and the social investigation and research center of Peking University officially released the award list. Bloomage Biotechnology won the honor of “China’s most potential employer of the year in 2021” and ranked the second in China with its excellent innovative business ability and advance-with-the-times recruitment and training strategy.
This award is based on the evolution of the economic field of new employers and the development status of Chinese employers,starting from corporate culture system, incentive system, growth system and organization system, and evaluating in six dimensions:employer culture, employer image, salary and welfare, growth and development, organization management and working environment.
As a company listed in science and technology innovation board, while constantly pursuing business development and striving to make national products that make Chinese people confident and proud, Bloomage will continue to optimize talent management mode and structure, strengthen organizational innovation and cooperation, and build a talent team with excellent quality and ability, as well as a comprehensive, systematic high quality and efficient human resource management system.

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